FEBRUARY 5,6,7 2020


Greetings Delegates, Advisors, Faculties, and anyone reading this letter.

Many years have passed since this idea was born and brought to light, the Model UN fusion along with the values and knowledge of the Nuevo Continente school created NCMUN. An event where great minds meet, where the development of negotiation and debate skills are the bedrock of solutions that can change the world.

In its seventh edition, the Secretariat wants to deliver a theme named “The World is Ours”, emphasizing how the world matters not only in the climate matter but see it as a network that could be solved by taking the key problems as the starting point.

The position I am holding has given me a purpose, to care about the future as a vision. What I would like to enforce is to put a present personal agenda to achieve that superb vision we all want. Planning the future and open-mindedness is how progress is made.

With our actions and opinions, we can change the entire world, for me, it is a priority to empower those skills through these type of activities to generate consciousness and course of action so the next generations can follow an excellent example.

Our social media and website will be updated so you could be informed about any academic or news you will need to know about the event. Our registration will open on the (last week of November or first week of December), if you have any questions please contact me at secretarygeneral@nuevocontinentequeretaro.edu.mx

I am anxious to see the performance and dedication of each one of you during your debate session. I have no doubt the future holds something special for all of us.

Yours truly,

Ramiro Aleksander Martínez Kouriakova


Dear Delegates,

It is an honor to be a part of the seventh edition of  NCMUN as undersecretary-general.

Like me, our entire secretariat wishes that the main objective of this model is fulfilled. We hope to provide each of the participants present here a global vision of the world in which we find ourselves in, by observing from another perspective and being able to debate and replicate objectively, with the fundamental purpose of obtaining a critical and objective mentality.  This will allow us all to make rational decisions and solve problems such as solutions to end hunger, to end wars, to eradicate diseases, so that children can continue studying, to defend our human rights, to end climate change and save our society and our world. 

 Together we can inspire other young people and achieve the change that this world needs by becoming the change and leaving a mark that says "I was part of that change.''  


I wish you from the bottom of my heart that you all become leaders, to forge your character and discover the power of the word. In the same way for you not to panic in the face of difficulties, seek that the union is your greatest strength, work as a team to make this world a better place, since we are not only the future, we are the present, the power, the union, and the change.

Now have fun, learn, enjoy, and fulfill your work and your goals. We fully trust you and the skills you have.

Let's be today, what we want to be tomorrow

Much success and best wishes.


Natalia Martinez Escobedo

Dear delegates,


It is an honor to be part of the high secretary of the 2020 model as your Under-Secretary General.


This model is a new step for change, and to start creating a better world for the future. This is the perfect opportunity for us to learn and develop our minds in a new horizon for solutions that can help solve global problems as we can see in the topics.


Delegates, reflect on your previous investigations and be creative with your solutions. We hope that your resolutions stated in the resolution paper are honest and respectful. The world in general is suffering different problems, this model is the perfect exercise to know what is happening outside of our country and to see what we can do to help. We need to be the change and learn how to become great leaders, that is why Model United Nations is perfect way to practice and learn.


Delegates my best wishes and may you have much success. 

Belén Mendoza Sánchez


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