The place were debate takes place. In this room you will experience different emotions, listen to different opinions, express your ideas and solutions and even make friends. During the sessions focus and try your best. Choose the committe and topic you like and research to make your experience even better.









Juan Emilio de la Torre 

Undersecretary of General Assembly

Dear delegate,


First and foremost welcome to the General Assembly, it is a great pleasure having you as part of this incredible committee.


I am sure we are about to embrace an amazing journey this next days, which hopefully will positively impact your life.


The General Assembly is a vital division of the United Nations; as a committee, it is the duty of the members to determine what resolutions fit best for the different global agendas, as well as reaching a resolution for your own topics.

As for DISEC, also known as the General Assembly's first committee, delegates must face global challenges and threats to the global peace, always seeking disarmament.


As a delegate of this branch of the UN, we expect you to meet the standards that the General Assembly implicitly has, experienced delegates are suited best for these committees.


During these days we will be establishing positions, debating and negotiating strategies in order to come up with the best resolutions for the topics at hand, everything virtually, which might appear as a challenge but I am sure that we will obtain lots of knowledge and benefits from this experience.


Quoting Alice Hocker: “Your greatness is not what you have, but what you give”, we expect you to give your best and greatness will come. 


Looking forward to the event:

-Emilio de la Torre, Undersecretary for the General Assembly.





Arlena Venta Pérez

Undersecretary of Specialized Agencies

Dear delegates, 


It is our great pleasure to welcome you to our eighth edition of NCMUN. We are glad to receive you as part of the Specialized Agencies team. 


The Specialized Agencies are independent international organizations funded by both voluntary and assessed contributions. During these three days you would become part of these organizations, going through an amazing experience where you would have to research, negotiate, think fast and look from another perspective that you would have not considered before. 


The world is changing and with this change, new issues would appear. Your job is to find solutions, defend points of view and achieve the best resolution. These topics are designed to make you think out of the box, look for alternative solutions for the common good. 

We are looking forward to seeing your development and how your research mixing with creativity would make this world into a better place. 


Good luck. 

-Arlena Venta








Ana Paula Gonzalez 

Undersecretary of Human Rights

Welcome Delegates! It is an honor for us to have you during the eighth Nuevo Continente Model United Nations. 


Thank you for choosing this committee, I am sure you will make the best out of this experience, and that working as a team, united you will reach great solutions. As you work during these three days, your ideas and wish to change the world will be reflected on the results. 


As no doubt you are aware the Human Rights committee focuses on defending the rights of people around the world, with a vision of equality and respect. 

Please allow yourself to develop every idea and wish you have sharing this vision, and goal. 


We are honored to have your presence, despite the conditions we are facing as humanity nowadays. I am very excited to hear you and discover the new leaders of our world. I assure you this will be a model to remember and cherish. 


Good luck! I look forward to meeting you. 


-Ana Paula González





Rodrigo Ibáñez 

Undersecretary of the Economic & Social Council

Dear delegates:
We are truly grateful and excited for your participation in this NCMUN 2021. The past year
will never be forgotten by the global problems in which governments and citizens were affected. The pandemic provoked a questioning in the institutions and measures that are being taken on different fronts. The purpose of this model is to encourage future generations to make decisions about the problems we face today. We are at a time when problems cannot be avoided. The dialogue along with the debates of all the participating countries will take you to reach great resolutions, which are necessary in these times.

In this NCMUN we adapted to the current challenges, hoping that you will be able to enjoy our most sincere work that we developed for you with the purpose of generating the main tool of the human being, curiosity. It is time for young people to get involved and raise their voices in favor of a better world for the generations to come. I am an enthusiast for change; therefore, I appreciate your participation and desire to be heard. In advance, good luck and welcome!

-Rodrigo Ibáñez Mercado





Mariahsara Balderas Robles 

Undersecretary of  the UN Children's Fund

Dear delegates,


First of all I would like to welcome you to the eighth anniversary of the New Continent's Model UN and thank you for your participation. 

It is with deep excitement that we look forward to having you as delegates for UNICEF and we expect you have the most enriching experience possible.


UNICEF is the committee focused on advocating for children all around the globe. UNICEF dedicates it's time to protecting children's lives and rights to support their full participation in the political, social and economic development of their communities.


We encourage you to research and debate with open minds to discover and embrace the UN world in the best way. We hope you have the opportunity to learn, and involve yourself in the experience. 


It is my deepest pleasure to receive you as delegates and I expect with the biggest of excitement to meet and see you develop in the MUN environment.


Let passion embrace you to seek a better future.


-Mariahsara Balderas Robles



Camila Murua  Duran

President of the ICC

Dear Judges and Offices, 

It is an honor for me to having you in The Court , I hope you enjoy this experience and take advantage of it to prove your abilities during the model, we have been working so hard so you can enjoy one of the best models.

During these three days you will have the opportunity to solve a case with your best arguments based on real life situations, with professionalism and respect above all. Each day you will solve different aspects of the same case, such as you face your problems in real life, but in this case considering justice. Arguments and evidences will be presented everyday during the model, your job consist in judging the evidence previously shown by the offices accompanied with their arguments against or in defense of the accused.

I really hope you have a great experience and you can take back home some new learnings about how to solve problems taking into consideration evidences, justice and truth, so you can help the world be a nicer place in the future. 

“Without justice and love, peace will always be a great illusion” -Dom Hélder Camara 
See you soon honorable Judges and Offices.         

-Camila Murua Duran 





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